Fuel Gas Supply System

Fuel Gas Supply System

The market is currently being driven by steadily rising emissions targets such as SECA / ECA, as well as the desire for more independent fuel supplies. In addition, the size of the ships, as well as the distances to be covered, are increasing. Lastly, it should not be neglected that in the cargo tanks of a gas carrier undesirable boil off gas is continously generated, which can be used for propulsion.
AC-INOX designed as first company in the world a suitable fuel gas system covering fuel supply pressure range up to 420 bar g. Furthermore, the system allows to use Methane (LNG) and Ethane (LEG) to be conditioned for fuel gas supply without any hardware changes. The System is running fully automated covering all IGF code related safety regulations for running ships on sea.
These characteristics means for our customers new advantages, no efficiency loss on the engine speed and more flexibility to react on commodity market changes.

Now with more than 100.000 running hours!

Presentation I: Fuel Gas Supply System.pdf

Presentation II: Gas Carrier - Dual Fuel Gas.pdf

Presentation III: Gas Valve System.pdf

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